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Accessible Experiences

Accessible experiences for all! Our handpicked collection of days out and activities in this section are all suitable for people with disabilities. These enabled experiences mean people with health conditions or impairments can enjoy a thrilling activity or experience in complete safety, with fully trained instructors to assist.

Have a browse of our accessible activities and see what fun days out you can be going on in the near future. And don’t forget, at most venues friends and family and heartily invited to come along, cheer you on, take photos and just generally get involved in your special day too. Read more...

You asked us to tell you which of our experiences are suitable for disabled people. So, we listened and we’ve responded by developing a specific section of our activities website dedicated to accessible experiences for anyone with a health condition or impairment.

Of course, each activity is different and participant guidelines vary for each one, so it’s always advisable to have a good read of the individual experience product page to see the minimum requirements needed to take part.

For example, our accessible rally driving is suitable for anyone using a mobility aid such as a wheelchair. The cars (which are all full-on, proper rally-prepped cars) have paddle shift gearboxes and hand operated levers instead of foot pedals. Once again, the listing will state all the requirements, so have a read and see if you could be busting stylish handbrake turns and getting the loose gravel flying around the rally stage.

As well as the actual activity, it’s also important to us that the venue has suitable access, so participants can get to and move about the site with ease. This includes things that ramps and toilet facilities. All suppliers offering accessible experiences make sure these measures have been taken and are in place.

And finally, just a word on the instructors. They are all experts in their field - we’re talking ex rally championship competitors, flying instructors and examiners with thousands of flying hours under their belts and so on. Add to that the ability to motivate all beginners to give their chosen activity a try and experience helping people with health conditions and impairments to participate and you’ve got yourself one fully enabled activity day out for all.

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