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Turkish Bath Experiences

Conjuring up images of the Orient, Turkish Baths will feel like pure, Moorish indulgence! No-one can deny they are soothing yet cleansing; sensual yet practical and all this from a Turkish bath (UK versions are usually in spa centres rather than municipal bathing chambers for that extra bit of luxury).

A Turkish bath voucher makes for a great day out with best friends or partners, so why not indulge yourself and buy an experience for two to discover the joys of a Turkish steam bath? Once you've emerged from your bath all clean as a whistle with your batteries recharged, why not go for some sheer excitement with one of our adrenaline-packed experience day gift ideas?

Achieve absolute cleansing with a Turkish Bath

Bathing in a Turkish Bath might sound daunting at first (as many authentic baths in Turkey and the east have strict rules of etiquette) but a Turkish bath UK-style is much more about relaxing and an all over body cleanse than being pummelled and scrubbed to within an inch of your life.

Turkish baths have been the Turk way of life for thousands of years. Men and women are traditionally separated to make everyone feel at ease and the 'bathers' who wash and massage you are usually same sex. You might think it's all about being in a Turkish steam bath, but there's a lot more to it than a load of hot air and perspiration.

The first stage of your ablution is the warm room (or Tepidarium). It's all about warming the body with a gentle heat in this chamber in preparation for the Calidarium the hot room. As the temperature mounts, so does the penetration into your muscles. Then it's the Laconium, or hottest of the chambers. Here it's all about letting the pores of your skin open (and yes, that does mean sweating!) to start the detoxifying process. At this stage full Turkish baths include a head to do wash, body scrub and massage, or you can head to the cold water room to flush out the bad toxins and invigorate your soul. It's then recommended that you bring your Turkish bath ritual to a close with a least 30 minutes in the relaxation room.

The traditional Turkish bath has been given a modern twist with many spa-type venues offering Turkish baths as variations of these forms. One thing is for sure, you will discover the sensation of being absolutely clean to your core, which will leave you refreshed in a way you've never felt after a soak in your tub at home. If you fancy having a go, we have UK-wide venues for both male and female bathers.