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Activity Gift Tokens


Activity Gift Tokens from Into The Blue. These flexible tokens make gift buying easy. You choose the monetary amount or the general type of activity, then the lucky person receiving the token gets to pick the experience they’d like to exchange their token for.


Activity tokens for gifts in the UK

Flexible gifting ideas
If you simply haven’t got a clue what to buy, these Activity Gift Tokens are the ones for you. We’ve got two types : monetary value or the sort of activity (like flying, driving water etc). Take your pick and your activity gift taken gets posted out to you or directly to the recipient in just a few clicks, or you can use our e-print service. Bish, bash, bosh, job done.

Don't want to reveal the price?
Remember that these monetary gift tokens, by their very nature, reveal how much you’ve spent, so if you want to keep that secret, buy a voucher for a specific activity or experience. If you’re looking for inspiration or need help to narrow down your choice (after all, we do have a lot of activities on our books to choose from!) don’t hesitate to give us a call, send an email or chat to us online. Our office team knows our product range inside out, so can advise you.

Been given a gift token?
If you have already purchased or been given a gift token, please visit our exchange portal where you can select the experience you'd like to do.