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Vintage Stearman Flights

    • Fly in a restored BT-17 Boeing Stearman
    • Take off from Old Buckenham nr Norwich
    • Flight might include some aerobatic moves
    • Pre-flight familiarisation talk on the ground
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What can I expect on the day

Taking a Stearman biplane flight is like taking a step back in time to discover the world of aviation in the USA. Used to train pilots in the American Air Corps during World War 2, these open-cockpit planes have become a popular vintage classic on both sides of the Atlantic, now you can fly in one!

Over 8500 Boeing Stearman planes were produced in the 1930s and 1940s and aviation fact fans have calculated that around 50% of American pilots flying in WWII would've had their first ever flight in a Stearman. Originally designed and built by the Stearman Aircraft company, it became part of Boeing in 1934 - who'd have thought that great big jet liner we've all flown on is a distant relative of this tough little Stearman biplane? And yes, it does look a little like our very own Tiger Moth, but the Stearman is a lot heavier and bigger.

After the war many Stearmans were sold on the civil market, often becoming sports planes or crop sprayers. Thankfully, there are enough passionate enthusiasts to restore and keep the Stearman aircraft flying in its original livery, even today. If you know your planes and your films, you'll know a Stearman biplane featured in flight in both the English Patient and Hitchcock's North by North-West.

On this Stearman biplane experience, you will have a pre-flight familiarisation and safety briefing, as well as being shown the flight controls. Then you climb in to the open cockpit, fire up the seven cylinder, 220bhp Lycoming engine and off you go in this very special restored vintage BT-17 Stearman bi plane.

What'll hit you first is the noise of the open-cowling engine, the fluttering of the wind in the wing struts and wires and the smell of hot oil and leather that'll overtake your senses in a way only the Stearman biplane can. If the weather is good and you're up for it, you may even get to experience a loop the loop and a barrel roll - hold on tight to your seat for your VIP Stearman flight!

Once back on terra firma, you will be presented with a souvenir certificate of your Stearman flight, as well as a photograph. Don't forget, our vintage aircraft section also includes superb Spitfire flights as part of our vintage airplane experience.  IntotheBlue offers a selection of biplane experiences in Stampe, Tiger Moth and Stearman vintage planes, please see our biplanes page for more information.

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What's included in this experience?

Your Stearman flight includes a pre-flight familiarisation and safety briefing, introduction to the controls, your selected flight time including the chance to fly the aircraft yourself, Loop the Loop and Barrel Roll (subject to weather conditions), souvenir flight certificate and photograph. Flight times are 'chock to chock'.

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When is it available?

Flights take place on regular weekends and selected weekdays throughout the year subject to weather conditions.

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Where can I do this experience?

Old Buckenham Airfield, around 11 miles South West of Norwich.

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Who is it suitable for?

The minimum age is 14. As a guide maximum weight is 18 stone, minimum height 4'6" max height 6'4". No previous flying experience is required.

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Can anyone come along to watch?

Spectators are very welcome to come along and watch departure and arrival of the aircraft. There is a cafe and bar on site providing drinks and hot and cold food, an extensive terrace provides great views of the activities. There is free car parking onsite.

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Anything else I need to know?

All Stearman aircraft used are maintained to the highest standards in accordance with current CAA regulations and flown by highly experienced instructor pilots.

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