Stampe Flight in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire, Staverton Airport
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What's included in this experience?

• All flights are with an experienced instructor
• Includes a comprehensive preflight briefing
• Once airborne your instructor will demonstrate manoeuvres and give you the chance to fly the biplane yourself
• On flights of 30 minutes or more you can experience a taste of aerobatics (if you wish)
• After the flight you will be presented with a personalised certificate of flight, a photograph and flight notes
• Flights take place in genuine a 1930's Stampe SV4 vintage biplane and quoted times are chock to chock including taxi time
• Ancient and Modern Flights provide a 30 minute flight in a vintage biplane and a 30 minute flight in a modern 2 seater aircraft

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What can I expect on the day

Take to the skies vintage style with these biplane flights in Gloucestershire! You will be flying out of Staverton Airport, a bustling little place west of Cheltenham and just outside Gloucester. With three asphalt and one grass runway, there's plenty of room for your biplane to take off in amongst the General Aviation and executive air traffic.

This very experienced and long-established Gloucestershire operator has a rather fine collection of restored biplanes, including the Stampe, or to give it its proper name the Stampe et Vertongen SV.4.  This is a very rare biplane dating back to the 1930s and 40s, originally designed in Belgium and built under licence in France and Algeria too, with a total of only 940 being produced. And three of them are here at Staverton!

These magnificent flying machines were used at training planes and one was even adopted by the RAF after being, how can we put it, 'liberated' by Belgian pilots who flew their Stampe over the Channel to land in Britain. With a maximum speed of 101 knots and a range of 260 miles, these Belgium biplanes were nifty little aircraft that still fly beautifully today. And rather appropriately, Gloucester Airport was originally a strategic RAF training base, making it a suitably historic place to fly this class biplane trainer.

So who will be taking you for a spin through the Gloucestershire skies in these lovely old biplanes? It could very well be none other than Tizi Hodson, who is the inimitable Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor of this flying school. Tizi is one of the most experienced female pilots in the UK and has flown big jets, aerobatic planes and in numerous flying displays all over the world, as well as piloting these biplane flights in Gloucestershire so that classic aviation fans can get a taste of what flying in a vintage open-cockpit aircraft is all about.

And we have to say, there's no shilly-shallying around or treating these Stampes with kids' gloves. If you opt for a flight duration of 30 minutes or more, you'll be able to experience these plucky little planes pulling some aerial moves like a loop or a victory roll, with a view from the best seat in the house!

We are offering 15, 30 and 60 minute biplane flights over Gloucestershire and for those who want the ultimate in classic and modern flight, we have put together a very special package that gives you a 30 minute flight in the Stampe and a 30 minute flight in a modern light aircraft such as the fabulous Slingsby Firefly. Don't forget to visit our main biplanes home page for more memorable, nostalgic, vintage flights in legendary WWII biplane aircraft. 

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When is it available?

• Flights take place on weekends and weekdays throughout the year
• All flights are weather dependent

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Where can I do this experience?

• Gloucestershire (Staverton) Airport is halfway between Cheltenham and Gloucester with easy access from J11 of the M5

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Who is it suitable for?

• You need to be aged over 14
• You must be under 6'6" tall
• You must weigh less than 110kgs

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Can anyone come along to watch?

• Spectators are very welcome to come and watch
• The Aviator Cafe onsite offers hot and cold food throughout the day

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