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Sushi & Cocktail Making

Essex and London   

• Sushi making and cocktail drinking combined
• Host at professional kitchens in London and Essex
• Watch and learn how two types of sushi are made
• Cocktail served as you taste the fresh made sushi

What's Included

• One hour sushi and cocktail class
• Demonstration of preparing at least 2 types of sushi
• Enjoy a classic cocktail such as a mojito or margarita
• Sample the freshly prepared sushi
• Opportunity to assist chef with the preparation of the sushi
• You will form part of a group of up to 20 participants

What Can I Expect

Sushi and cocktails - who'd have thought they'd ever go together? On this one hour taster demonstration you get to see how sushi is made and enjoy a refreshing mixed drink to go with it. Taking place in professional teaching kitchens in both London and Essex, it's a great opener to an evening out.

When you buy sushi to go it's all neatly packed up in those little plastic trays. Have you ever wondered, whilst you're tucking into your maki rolls, how it's been prepared? This workshop gives you the chance to witness the sushi making in action. You could say it's all about the knife skills (and you certainly need seriously sharp ones to cut those delicate slithers of raw fish), but it's also about obtaining the freshest ingredients possible to ensure your sashimi is as melt-in-the-mouth delicious as possible.

As your skilled sushi chef takes the reins at the head of the table to start the intricate cutting, rolling and folding that's involved in making sushi, you'll be served with a tasty cocktail. And yes, whilst you're more likely to order a sake or a Japanese beer to go with your sushi dishes, you'll soon learn that cocktails can also be an excellent compliment to sushi.

Of course, anything really sweet like a Pina Colada would just annihilate the delicate flavours of that raw fish. On the other hand, given the fairly salty taste of soy sauce and the fieriness of wasabi, you will need a cocktail that can stand up to those strong flavours too. Tangy and spicy gets our vote when it comes to cocktails that go with sushi, so something like a mojito or a margarita is a perfect pick for these taster sessions.

Cocktail in one hand and freshly made nigiri in the other, it's time for an East meets West taste sensation to take over as you enjoy the sushi and cocktails made before your very eyes. Naturally, the proof that sushi and cocktails do mix is in the tasting and we think you'll enjoy these really flavoursome combinations.


• Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year


• Essex, Chelmsford CM3
• London, Canary Wharf E14

Suitable For

• Minimum age is 18
• Courses are not suitable if you have a nut allergy


• Unfortunately spectators are not permitted
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Sushi & Cocktail Making
Sushi & Cocktails
Total Price£39.00
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