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Police Getaway Drive

Stafford Driving Centre, Staffordshire   

• Drive as fast as you can to get away from the cops!
• Your getaway car is a Volvo C30 2.0l
• The Police will be in an Audi Quattro A6
• See if you can hold them off for 4 laps of the track

What's Included

• Drive a Volvo C30 2.0 litre bandit car
• Do you have the skill to keep ahead of a professional driver in an Audi A6 Quattro police intercepter out on the track?
• Keep a cool head with the flashing lights of the police car in your mirrors
• Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
• Four full laps of the 1.1 mile circuit consisting of 2 main hairpins and chicanes
• If the police car pulls along side you its game over!
• You will be accompanied by a professional driver offering tips and advice
• Allow approximately two hours on site for this experience
• Collision damage waiver is included

What Can I Expect

Beware of the rozzers on this Police getaway drive! You'll be driving the 'go fast' car and the Police will be hot on your heels in the Audi Quattro A6 interceptor. Will you get caught in this hot pursuit on the track?

Normally if you fail to stop for the Police you'd lose your driving licence. Luckily this experience is a Police getaway drive role play and it takes place away from the public roads. So this is your chance to drive it like you stole it and see if you can hold off the coppers on your tail.

You will be driving the Volvo C30 2.0l bandit getaway car. You'll be given a head start to get away from the Police, so make sure you're ready to launch as soon as you get the go. You'll need to eat up some tarmac to get ahead, so try and avoid wheel-spinning away from the pits, it'll lose you time and grip.

No doubt your heart will be pumping as you hoon it around the first corner. Even if you think you're getting away, don't get complacent. Within seconds you'll hear the wail of the Police siren and those blue flashing lights will appear in your rear view mirror. The chase is on. The pressure mounts. You've got to nail that racing line to not lose a second of time.

The cops are in an Audi Quattro A6. This is a beast of an interceptor, used for chasing down suspects who try and evade the Police. It's at home pelting it along the motorway. It's also at home handling the hairpins on the track. You're going to have your work cut for you trying to stave off the cops.

Indeed you'll be up against highly skilled Police response divers who have been involved in many a tactical pursuit in their time in the Forces. You've got four laps to try and hold them off, but if the Audi pulls up alongside you in the Volvo, you've been nicked and you'll be tracked and guided off the track at the end of your four lap pursuit.

If you love the thrill of the chase, book Police getaway drive today and see if you can outrun the old bill!


• Participants should arrive 60 minutes prior to their session start time for registration

Current 2020 Dates
• 5th September
• 4th October


• Stafford Driving Centre, Staffordshire

Suitable For

• Drivers must be in possession of a full UK driving licence which must be shown on the day
• Weight restrictions: maxium 20 stone
• Height restrictions: minimum 4ft 10ins, maximum 6ft 4ins


• Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action
• Under 12s must be supervised at all times by an accompanying adult

Anything Else

• For safety all cars are fitted with dual controls and your instructor will assist if drivers try to push the vehicle beyond the safe limits for the track and weather conditions
• If you disregard any safety advise or warnings drivers will forfeit their session and be asked to leave the venue
• Onsite facilities include: parking, toilets, spectator viewing, picnic and children's play areas
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police chase
Police Getaway Drive
Police Getaway Drive
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