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Meet Loki the Raven Essex

Halstead, Essex   

• Meet Loki the cheeky Raven in Essex
• Spend half an hour interacting with Loki
• Be wowed by this highly intelligent bird
• Hosted by an expert member of the falconry team
Raven Experience



What's Included

• Meet Loki the Raven
• Interact, play and be alongside Loki, helping with his enrichment, socialisation and training
• You will form up to a group of 6 participants
• The experience will last around 30 minutes
• Allow around one hour onsite for this experience

What Can I Expect

Get ready to meet Loki on this raven experience! You don't have to go to the Tower of London to meet the ravens, this cheeky chappy is a bonafide Essex resident and he loves nothing more than showing off in front of an audience!

Ravens are one of the largest crows. Also known as one of the Corvus species, they're easily distinguishable by their size, their glossy black plumage and their rather impressive croaky call. Loki was named after the Norse god of mischief and trickery - and the team will tell you that he certainly lives up to his name.

Loki is a highly intelligent bird who was totally stealing the limelight during the falconry shows, so much so that he has been given his very own experience. You'll meet lovely Loki the raven and really get to know him. He really is quite a character. He knows loads of tricks (playing the xylophone to let your handler know you're a bit peckish, anyone?) and loves solving puzzles.

He's super friendly too. He adores flying in and perching on your shoulder (especially when he thinks there's a chance he might be rewarded with a little titbit of food!) and relishes human interaction. He can be really quite a chatty raven and will have you completely enthralled. In essence, Loki is a real crowd pleaser and entertainer.

These raven experiences give you around 30-minutes with the star turn Loki. You'll be in a small group of up to six people and every session is hosted by a member of the falconry team. As well as meeting and interacting with Loki, you'll learn lots about ravens, their characteristics and habitats too. Sessions generally run in the afternoons, so book your slot to play with Loki now!


• Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year
• Session start at either 12:30 or 15:30
• Dates are subject to availability and weather conditions


• Hedingham Castle, Halstead, Essex

Suitable For

• Minimum age is 16 years old


• Spectators are welcome for £10 per person, payable when booking your date
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Meet Loki the Raven Essex
Raven Experience
Total Price£45.00
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