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Kitty Café Afternoon Tea for Two

Birmingham, Leeds & Nottingham

  • Afternoon for tea at your choice of Kitty Cafe
  • Mingle with the loveable kitty cats
  • All cats are rescues or strays in foster care
  • Delicious cakes, scones, sandwiches + drinks

What's Included

  • A delicious afternoon tea for two at the Kitty Café of your choice
  • Enjoy a selection of sandwiches, scones, miniature cakes and desserts
  • A choice of loose leaf tea, freshly ground coffee or hot chocolate
  • Spend time with the resident cats and kittens who have been re-homed at the café
  • Enjoy the spacious and relaxed environment 
  • A chance to interact with the cats and kittens

What Can I Expect

The Kitty Cafe afternoon tea for two - the purrfect date for friends, couples and families! Drink tea and eat Devonshire scones in the company of the cats for a feline-themed teatime in Nottingham, Birmingham or Leeds.

“Cute cats, good food and happy people”. This is the Kitty Cafe's motto and we love it. All the resident feline friends are rescue cats, strays or pussy cats who had medical problems. Now they are living their best life in their foster cafes, ready to find their forever human to live with.

In the meantime, these kitties love hanging out with you in the cafe. There are little cat bridges, furry cushions, cat trees, cosy corners and lots of toys to keep all the four-pawed friends contented and comfy. For us two-legged visitors, there are big armchairs and laid-back sofas in funky colours, with cool decoration all around.

The loveable moggies love to mingle, so don't be surprised if a little tabby cat joins you on the settee, a handsome ginger tom comes up purring for a stroke, or a cute tortoiseshell kitten talks to you with a loud meow!

Of course, these cafes are all about the cats, but you will also be getting your own paws on some delicious food. The tea is loose leaf. The coffee is freshly made barista-style and the hot chocolate is made with proper milk.  The scones are classic light and fluffy Devonshire style and the jam is fruity and delicious. And you'll love the little sandwiches and mini cakes too.

These Kitty Cafe afternoon tea vouchers are valid for all Kitty Cafe locations and they are for two of you to enjoy the feline company together. Cakes, cats and coffee. What more could you want? Totally pawsome stuff


Weekday Vouchers:

  • Monday to Friday open from 10am to 6pm
  • Valid during school term times only

Anytime Vouchers:

  • Monday to Friday open from 10am to 6pm
  • Saturday open from 10am to 8pm
  • Sunday open from 10am to 6pm


  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Nottingham

Suitable For

  • No minimum age
  • Children must remain under supervision of a particpating adult at all times
  • If you are pregnant you must seek advice from your doctor prior to attending the experience


  • Spectators are not permitted

Anything Else

  • For health and safety reasons the cats/kittens cannot be picked up