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Growing Herbs & Making Herbal Remedies

Near Battle, East Sussex   

  • A full-day course in West Sussex
  • Learn how to grow herbs
  • Discover what they can be used for
  • Take your elixirs home with you

What's Included

  • One day course consisting of a morning and afternoon workshop
  • Lunch break in between workshops (please bring your own packed lunch)
  • You will form part of a group of up to 12 people

Morning Workshop:

  • Hands on learning to identify herbs using all of your senses
  • Learn how to grow and integrate herbs into your space/design
  • Be taught the what herbs are used for, how to use them and what they are best for

Afternoon Workshop:

  • The chance to learn about herbs and plants from the wild and how they can be used for your health
  • Foraging for herbs and berries (weather permitting)
  • A chance to make herbal tinctures, vinegars and honegars/oximels to take home with you*

* Please bring jam jars and vodka if you want to make a tincture

What Can I Expect

Amazingly aromatic herbal remedy workshops in West Sussex! These full-day courses concentrate on herbs and how they can improve our lives in many, many ways. No need to be a green-fingered gardener, anyone interested in the healing properties of herbs can take part!

Herbs aren’t just for seasoning your dishes when you’re cooking. Humans have used herbal remedies, elixirs and potions for healing and well-being for thousands of years. These workshops delve into the world of herbs and cover everything from growing them, to making your very own tinctures.

Rachel is your host for these herbal remedy courses. She is totally into edibles. Her mission is get us all growing edible plants and vegetables, in that self-sufficient and sustainable way. A dab hand at identifying wild herbs and plants, Rachel really knows her stuff and you’ll find it utterly fascinating how age-old recipes have stood the test of time and can still provide us today with health benefits, naturally.

The sessions take place at a family-run garden farming business nestled in a hamlet between Crowhurst and Catsfield in West Sussex. Part of course might well include going foraging for wild herbs, so this is the perfect location for that. Other topics covered include how and where you grow your own herbs (you don’t need a huge garden, or any outside space even!) and what you can do with them.

You’ll learn how to make tinctures (which are herbal extracts soaked in alcohol or vinegar), medicinal vinegars, oxymels and honegars (which are honey and cider vinegar blends). Such blends have been used for things like a winter syrup to stave off colds, a detoxifier and an anti-ageing elixir by the Ancient Egyptians. They can even work as efficient natural pest control!

You’ll spend all day with Rachel at the farm on your herbal remedy workshop. During that time, you will learn lots about the power of herbs and plants. Just remember your jam jars so you can take you elixirs and remedies home with you.


  • Workshops run from 09:30 until 16:30
  • Please arrive at 09:15 

Scheduled 2021 Dates:

  • Saturday 15th May
  • Saturday 7th August


  • Catsfield, near Battle, East Sussex

Suitable For

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Under 18s must be accompanied by a participating adult


  • This experience is not suitable for spectators

Anything Else

  • Parking is available at the farm entrance
  • Please seek advice before consuming any herbal medicine or replacing allopathic medicines with a herbal remedy
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Growing Herbs & Making Herbal Remedies
Growing Herbs & Making Herbal Remedies Course
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