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Full Throttle Rally Driving Silverstone

Towcester, Northamptonshire   

• Full throttle rallying day at Silverstone
• Book for whichever car or cars you prefer
• Learn lots of key rallying techniques
• 1:1 in-car instruction on the rally stage

What's Included

• Choose to drive in a Subaru Impreza, Escort Mk2 Subaru 4WD & RWD or Subaru Turbo
• Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
• Informal classroom session on the basic principles of rally driving techniques
• In car demonstration from your driving instructor
• Personalised certificate will be emailed to you after the event
• 1:1 instruction whilst in the car with 6 drivers taking turns
• Complimentary premium gift packaging from Into the Blue  

Morning Sessions
• Power Sliding - Practice the basic 'sideways' control using manoeuvres that co-ordinate power and steering balance
• Handbrake Turns - Practice handbrake turns, hard cornering and car positioning techniques on tight corners
• Combine the two techniques with surprising results
• Lunch Break: Lunch can be purchased on site or local eateries recommended

Afternoon Sessions
Learn about hard braking techniques, a different type of powerslide and try the Scandinavian Flick
• Test your new skills on challenging bends and corners.
• For your final drive the instructor becomes your navigator putting everything you have learnt into practice
• The Hot Seat: Your instructor will take to the wheel for you to experience a passenger ride at authentic rally speed around the full stage
• Debrief and close

What Can I Expect

A full day of full throttle rally at Silverstone! Choose which car or cars you'd like to drive, buy the appropriate voucher, book yourself in and get ready for a fabulous fun day learning proper rally skills in a proper rally car. It's as simple as that!

This rally school just opposite the famous race track of the same name has been operating for over three decades, making in one of the oldest if not the oldest rally training school in the country. Needless to say, they have etched a reputation for excellent teaching, a friendly atmosphere and one of the best training centres in the game.

On this full throttle rally you'll experience every corner of this Silverstone rally stage. You've got a raft of morning and afternoon sessions to work through, so without further ado, let's get on with what you'll be doing.

First up is a 20-minute driver briefing session. Then, in your groups, you start to rotate around the rallying activities. You take it in turns to perfect the art of power sliding and handbrake turns, two of the basic rallying techniques that require a fine balance of throttle and steering. Go too full on and you'll spin out on this slippery Silverstone loose gravel. Not enough throttle and you'll just limp round!

The second batch of driving sessions carries on in full throttle mode, as you'll be taught a whole load more rallying techniques. From hard braking and Scandinavian Flicks (yes!) to yet another type of power slide, by the end of the session you'll be up for combining all your new-found skills out on the main rally circuit. Your last lap is treated like a proper rally, with your instructor giving the pace notes as you drive.

And there's one extra treat on these full throttle rally days at Silverstone. You get to go out as a passenger, with the instructor driving. This is the moment you realise that, although you were doing pretty good out there, these guys are at a whole new level of rallying. Hang on tight!


• Most Saturdays with occasional Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the year
• Experiences start at 09:00 finishing at approximately 15:30-16:00


• The rally school is opposite Silverstone race circuit midway between Junction 10 of the M40 and Junction 15a of the M1

Suitable For

• A valid UK driving licence will need to be shown on the day
• Maximum height is 6ft 6ins
• Maximum weight is 18 stone


• Spectators are very welcome to watch, there are indoor and outdoor viewing areas with great views of the action
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Vouchers are usually valid for 20 months from the date of purchase (unless otherwise stated) and shall become invalid on the expiry date. The expiry date is set out on the Voucher. Vouchers may be extended for a further 23 months on payment of an admin fee of £10 plus any increase that may have taken place for that activity since the original date of purchase. Please note that some Vouchers cannot be extended; this will be stated on the Voucher. PLEASE NOTE: You must book and take your experience before the before the expiry date of the voucher.
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Full Throttle Rally Driving Silverstone
Subaru Impreza Rally Day
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