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Combine Harvester Driving Experience

Doncaster, Nottinghamshire   

  • Drive a New Holland T46 combine harvester
  • A 13-ton machine with 24ft-wide cutting head
  • Try using the attachments on the extended drive
  • Minimum age to drive is 16 years

What's Included

  • Drive a 13-ton Combine Harvester
  • Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
  • Talk through the machinery with your instructor with an introduction to the controls
  • 1:1 instruction and guidance whilst driving
  • Navigate around a specially designed course with varied terrain

Taster Session

  • Drive the course in the combine harvester practicing basic manoeuvres
  • Navigate around a specially designed course with varied terrain
  • 25 minutes drive time

Extended Session

  • You also will have the opportunity to attach the front cutting head and start the threshing mechanism
  • Learn how to alter the settings for different crops and how to unload into trailers
  • There may be an opportunity to comb crops, but this is season/weather dependent and cannot be guaranteed
  • 45 minutes drive time

What Can I Expect

Your chance to drive a combine harvester! Yep, you will be driving an actual New Holland combine harvester on these fantastic experiences at the tournament ground near Blyth.

Combines are awesome. These huge and impressive machines are the real workhorses of the fields when it comes to harvest time. You'll have seen these beasts pounding along, creating clouds of crop dust, as they cut and process the grains. Now it's your turn to go combine harvester driving.

What goes on in a harvester is pretty cool. That wide head at the front gathers the crops and the pickup reel (that big hexagonal-shaped bit) feeds the crops to the cutter bar. Spinning augers send the cut stalks up to the processing part of the machine. The thresher drum separates the grains from the stalks, sending the grains into the hopper and the chaff and stalks fall out of the back.

Once the grain hopper is full, the combine deploys the unloader pipe to the side, pumping the grains into a tractor towing a trailer alongside. All this happens on the move, whilst the machine continues to harvest. Some farmers even have a baler running behind the combine to turn the offshoots into bales of hay straight away!

You will be driving a New Holland T46 combine harvester. With a 24ft cutting head, this 13-tonne monster is powered by a Mercedes engine and has a reputation for high-capacity harvesting, good build quality and simple design.

Indeed, inside the cockpit it is quite rustic really, but what strikes you most is the floor-to-ceiling wraparound windscreen giving you all-round vision. Then there's the steering wheel; it's huge and almost vertical. It's sure like nothing you'll ever have driven before. Just getting in the thing requires climbing up a set of metal steps attached to the side!

These combine drives give you plenty of time behind that wheel to really appreciate how massive these machines are. If you go for the extended experience, you'll try various tasks such as attaching the cutting head, the thresher and unloader arm.

As the song goes : ‘I got a brand new combine harvester and I'll give you the key!' - buy your drive a combine harvester voucher today and make it happen!


  • Sessions are generally available on the first Sunday of each month
  • Experiences operate between 10:00 and 16:00
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability


  • Blyth, Doncaster in Nottinghamshire

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 16
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on site by an adult and require parental consent
  • Height restrictions: minimum 5ft, maximum 6ft 4ins
  • Weight restrictions: maximum 23 stone
  • A good general level of fitness is required
  • There is a vertical ladder to gain access to the combine harvester
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Combine Harvester Driving Experience
Taster Combine Harvester Driving
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