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Bear Grylls Extreme Survival
Total Price £1,050.00

Bear Grylls Extreme Survival

Dartmoor National Park and Scottish Highlands
    • Multiday extreme survival courses with Bear's team
    • A 'lowland' 3 days in Dartmoor National Park
    • A 'highland' 5 days in Alladale Wilderness Reserve
    • Our toughest survival courses on the books!
Price £1,050.00
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What's Included

Bear Grylls Survival Academy 3 Day 'Survival on the Moors'
An intense 3 day survival skill course with just 10 participants 

Day 1
• Meet your course guides and fellow participants 
• Basic kit check before travelling by 4×4 to the academy's wilderness base camp 
• Safety brief and course outline with issue of your personal training equipment 
• Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival lecture and practical knife skills 
• Prepare and cook a meal for your group using wild and natural ingredients with no running water, electricity or processed food

Day 2
• Field physical training session, self-defence training, practical use of knots and improvised harnesses lesson followed by survival navigation training
• Remote and improvised First Aid, followed by the practical use of snares, traps and fishing lines 
• Learn how to forage for food purify and filter water, skin, gut and prepare wild food 
• Learn how to cross difficult terrain including boulder fields, bogs, rock scrambles and river crossing techniques
• As evening draws on you will need to locate and build a camp, make a fire, forage for food and survive the rugged elements of Dartmoor

Day 3
• You will wake up tired and possibly hungry but its now that you need all your strength, determination and will to survive the final challenge
• You have to navigate out of the wild camp area across high Tyrolean ropes, rappel down huge rock faces, swim through deep water and finally climb a 100ft rock face
• If successful, you and the team will climb to a high point on one of Dartmoor's Tors, pop smoke and be rescued by our special forces helicopter
• With just a low level helicopter flight across the rugged Dartmoor terrain being the last challenge before reaching civilisation

Bear Grylls 5 Day 'Survive The Highlands'
An extreme 5 day course at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy with just 12

Day 1
• Meet your course guides and fellow participants at Ardgay Stores Highland Cafe at 15:00
• Move to Alladale Lodge for your briefing where teas coffees and biscuits are available 
• Survival lessons covers - Priorities of survival, knife skills & survival knots
• Issue essential kit items - Rucksacks, knives, and sleeping bags etc 
• Establish base camp 
• Welcome alpine supper with your team of instructors 

Day 2
• Morning physical fitness and self-defence/preservation training
 • Lessons covered - Navigation, water purification, river crossing, shelter building, fire lighting, trapping, fishing, foraging, wild food preparation and astro navigation 
• Wild camp survival evening

Day 3
• Mountain adventure day - Navigation, mountain skills, alpine movement 
• Dynamic rope activity - Commando gorge, rappel, commando crawl, rope climb, Tyrolean and river bank jump

Day 4
• Final challenge - Your survive the Highlands journey begins! 
• Cross difficult terrain including, woodland, mountain and river 
• Establish survival camp 
• Foraging and preparation of wild food

Day 5
• Self Rescue Day - Can you make it back to civilisation in time? 
• Mountain mission summit, rescue rope skills, dynamic vehicle extraction

On Completion
• Participants will receive a Bear Grylls Survival Academy Badge, certificate and your own Bear Grylls Gerber knife to keep

All itineraries are guidelines so may vary

What Can I Expect

Are you ready for the Bear Grylls extreme survival test? A far cry from being a nice day out in the countryside having a wander around whilst studying some nice indigenous flora and fauna, these two courses are seriously tough and will push the limits of your survival instincts to the extreme. Time to find out if you're a born survivor.

We are offering a three day lowlands course and a gruelling five day foray into the Highlands, billed as the ultimate in survival courses by Bear Grylls himself. Both are operated as proper self preservation missions and you need to be prepared to not just come face to face with the extremities of the elements, but to have them battering every bone in your body!

You will be running wild with experts hand-picked by Bear himself. Highly trained, these survivalists know exactly what it takes to be able to stay alive in the wilderness and initiate self-rescue techniques. It's all about self preservation and primal instinct. You will most definitely be discovering the inner rugged you, as you wade, climb, crawl, jump and scramble your way back to civilisation.

For those who want to develop their extreme survival skills, the three day course does just that in true Bear Grylls style, with you heading off into the wilds of Dartmoor to roam the moors and try to overcome the wonderful bleakness of your surroundings. Thankfully you won't be doing anything completely daft like climbing inside a dead camel to take shelter from a desert storm, but you will be tackling everything from Tyrolean traverses, to laying traps for food.

Following the success of Bear’s TV shows, Man vs Wild & Running Wild, adventurers can now test themselves in the extreme Highlands of Scotland. This five-day intense survival course follows the same format of the TV shows. “Survive the Highlands” begins with a crash three-day course in Bears survival techniques and finishes with a 30-hour survival mountain journey. You will be pushed to the limit crossing difficult terrain in order to make your way back to civilisation. Do you have what it takes to complete the challenge!

Your course instructors have either worked alongside Bear on various TV projects worldwide, or are an expert in their respective fields, including mountaineering, climbing, wilderness survival and extreme adventurous activity. The final challenge will test you and put those valuable lessons into practice. Will you have the stamina and strength of mind to make it back to base and beat the Bear Grylls extreme survival test?


• All activities and course itineraries are weather dependant and will vary from session to session

• 'Survive The Moors' courses for 2019 are currently available for April and June
• 12th - 14th April
• 14th - 16th June

• Survive the Highlands 2019 course dates
• 24th - 28th August
• 30th August - 3rd September
• 5th - 9th September 

• All dates are subject to availability 

Suitable For

• Minimum age 18
• Participants must be active, strong, a competent swimmer and determined


Anything Else I Need To Know?

• Bear Grylls does not attend these courses. They are run by highly skilled experts who work behind the scenes on his TV shows 
• All meals, selected kit & accommodation are provided during the course 
• Flights and transfers are not included

Kit List - Please note, all of the clothing and equipment that you bring must be appropriate for the environment and the time of year: 
• 1 pair of robust mountain boots or similar with ankle support 
• Training shoes
• 2 pairs of Trousers (lightweight) 
• Base layer (next to skin)  mid layer (lightweight fleece)
• Thick fleece or lightweight duvet jacket 
• Sun Hat and woolly hat 
• Gloves x 1 thin (active) 
• Water trousers and jacket
• Socks and underwear (x 4 pairs are sufficient) 
• Sunglasses, Sun Cream and Mosquito repellent (weather dependant) 
• Casual clothes (spares, including footwear for once course has ended) 
• Wash bag and personal contents
• Towel (small travel towel is preferable)
• Personal medication 
• Camera/phone (in a waterproof bag) 

The following kit will be issued by the academy and on loan for the duration of the course:
• Sleeping bag and liner 
• Head torch 
• Ruck sack and waterproof liner 
• Sleeping mat 
• Metal mug & spoon 
• Water bottle
• Bear Grylls survival knife
• All technical safety equipment (PPE)


• Highlands - Ardgay Stores Highland Cafe, Scottish Highlands IV24
• Lowlands - Dartmoor National Park , Devon PL20

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