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Aerobatics Coventry

Coventry Airport   

• Try aerobatics at Coventry Airport
• Take to the skies in a rare Robin R2160
• Aircraft is rated for +6 and -3g aerial manoeuvres
• Weekdays and weekends throughout the year
Aerobatics Experience with FREE Photo & Video Package


RRP: £214.50

What's Included

• A Robin 2160 aerobatics experience
• Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
• Personalised flight certificate
• FREE A4 glossy print and video of your flight on a memory stick worth £39.50

Aerobatics Experience
• 30 Minute flight duration
• Experience aerobatic manoeuvres with the opportunity to take the controls during your flight

Ultimate Aerobatics Experience
• 40 Minute flight duration
• Experience a multitude of aerobatic manoeuvres performed one after the other in sequence
• Opportunity for hands-on flying during the experience
• This is very much like an aerobatics display and not for the faint-hearted!

What Can I Expect

It's time to go spinning in the skies when you fly aerobatics at Coventry Airport! This is your chance to experience what it's like to fly some fine aerial tricks over the midlands with a fully licensed pilot instructor by your side - it'll take your breathe away for sure!

Coventry is a great place to learn aerobatics, as it's a proper airport with business jets and cargo flights. It boasts all the facilities (including an impressive tarmac runway) without all the airspace restrictions or the hustle and bustle of a busy passenger terminal. That means you have all the sky to play with.

The aeroplane you'll be going up in is a funky little Avions Pierre Robin R2160. French designed and built, these aircraft are quite rare in the UK, but they are fully aerobatic to +6 and -3g, which is perfectly adequate to give the novice trickster a thrill. When you walk out to the plane, you'll have to admit the dark blue and gold livery is rather swish and highly appropriate for whizzing over the Coventry countryside pulling some moves.

Climbing into the cockpit (which can only be described as 'snug'!) you'll sit side by side with your instructor. In front of each of you there's a stick control and a load of levers, gauges and dials. Your pilot will explain the main instruments and controls whilst you are sitting on the apron, then it's time to get permission from the Coventry air traffic control and then get ready for your initiation into aerobatics.

Sliding the bubble canopy into place, you'll instantly realise that it gives you a superb all round view. It's another advantage of this little Gallic plane, after all it's quite useful to be able to see what you're doing when you're literally in a spin!

We are offering a 30-minute introduction to aerobatics at Coventry and an ultimate 40-minute flight. The first will give you a taste of what flying aerobatics is like and the second will run you through a full series of aerial manoeuvres like a proper display flight. Both are pretytyy hair raising and we dare you to look down when you're at the crest of your loop the loop - it's quite something!


• Experiences available 7 days a week
• Flights are subject to weather conditions and availability


• Coventry Airport, Midlands

Suitable For

• Minimum age 16
• Maximum weight 14 stone
• Maximum height 6ft 4 inches


• Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action


Average Rating 5
Total Reviews 11
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about 3 years ago
My husband was amazed It was the best experience he’s had And will be doing it again It went to quick he said It was fantastic Thank you
Andrea laidlaw
about 3 years ago
I bought this as a surprise birthday present for my husband. He absolutely loved it! All the staff and Coventry Airport are very friendly and helpful. The preflight briefing was short and to the point. Although the aerobatics instructor was late returning from another flight, we were made to feel comfortable and watched other planes landing and taking off. The instructor was extremely friendly and put my husband, who was nervous, very much at ease and made sure he enjoyed himself. He definitely seemed to want to make sure we got our money's worth in the air! Would definitely recommend and am already booked in to go back!
Trusha Bhatt-Patel
about 3 years ago
The whole experience was wonderful. The fight was breathtaking and i felt very comfortable in the expert hands if my pilot/tutor Craig. A fabulous experience not to be missed
Lavinia Houghton
about 4 years ago
The most exhilarating experience I have had for a long time. From arrival to departure the team at Almat were excellent, with special thank you to Craig who piloted the stunt plane and made the experience what is was. I can recommend the experience, provided you have a strong stomach!
Ian McCann
about 4 years ago
Initial communication was difficult as I was only given an email address of the supplier so it was very difficult to arrange anything. Better contact details, i.e, phone numbers and names are required. Due to this, it took 12 weeks to finial complete the experience. Once I finally managed to attend the experience though, it was amazing am I will deffinetly be going back !
Shane Williams
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inside cockpit
Aerobatics Coventry
Aerobatics Experience with FREE Photo & Video Package
Total Price£179.00
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