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American Muscle and Movie Cars

Eleanor Classic Mustang Drive

Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Warwickshire

Special Offer Was £119 NOW £69

    • Drive a 'Eleanor' tribute car on the track
    • This is a genuine Mustang V8 GT500 car
    • You choose which of several UK circuits to drive at
    • Your very own 'Gone in 60 seconds' experience!
Transformers Double Drive

Nationwide Locations

Special Offer Was £149 NOW £69

    • Drive two lookalike cars from the Transformer films
    • It's Bumblebee the Camaro vs Barricade the Mustang
    • Drive three laps around the track in each car
    • Will you be an Autobot or a Decepticon?
Movie Stars Cars
Based On 4 Reviews

7 Locations

Save £80 Was £169 NOW £89

    • Love the movies? Now drive the cars!
    • A choice of cars from films and TV to choose from
    • Vouchers for 2, 3 or 4 car drives available
    • Events take place at a several UK tracks
Camaro Thrill

Essex, Lincolnshire, Carlisle & South Wales

From £39.00

    • Drive a high-performance version of the Camaro
    • A choice of circuits & a choice of number of laps
    • Pro-drivers will be in the passenger seat
    • A choice of best-value weekday or anytime vouchers
Drive Famous Movie Cars

Leicestershire, York, Surrey, Devon

Special Offer Was £59 NOW £39

    • Drive lookalikes of well known cars from films & TV
    • Famous cars from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s
    • Take your choice of car(s) for 3 miles on the track
    • A variety of track venues around the UK offered
Drive Knight Rider

8 Locations Nationwide

Special Offer Was £99 NOW £29

    • Drive a Knight Rider car lookalike!
    • Take KITT for a spin on the track
    • This is a Pontiac Trans AM like KITT
    • Choice of laps & choice of circuits available
Dukes of Hazzard Experience
Based On 5 Reviews

7 Locations Nationwide

Save 60% Was £99 NOW £39

    • Drive a 'General Lee' styled Dodge Charger
    • Imagine yourself in the classic 80's TV show
    • 3 or 6 lap options to choose from
    • 8 UK Locations
Fast and Furious Experience

8 Locations

From £89.00

    • Drive two 'Fast and Furious' style vehicles
    • Choose from Dodge, Nissan, Chevrolet or Mitsubishi
    • 3 or 6 lap options available
    • Live out your Fast and Furious dreams at the wheel
Mustang Blast Essex

North Weald Circuit

From £39.00

    • Drive a modern Ford Mustang on an airfield track
    • Takes place at North Weald Airfield in Epping
    • Test this 155mph 5.0l V6 pony car to the max
    • Minimum age for this experience is 12 years old
Mustang GT 350 Drive

Leics, Yorks, Surrey, Devon

Special Offer Was £59 NOW £39

    • Drive a genuine 1960s Mustang GT350
    • Take this American classic for a spin on a track
    • Choose a 3 or 6 mile driving experience
    • A variety of venues for your Mustang drive
Mustang GT Driving

Stafford Driving Centre & Anglesey Race Circuit

From £69.00

    • Drive a 6th generation Ford Mustang GT on a track
    • Takes place in Staffordshire & Anglesey
    • See if you can handle a 500bhp modern muscle car
    • Weekday and Anytime vouchers available
Smokey and the Bandit Trans AM Drive

Leicestershire, York, Surrey

Save £20 Was £59 NOW £39

    • Your chance to drive a Smokey and the Bandit car
    • Take a lookalike Pontiac Trans Am out on the track
    • A choice of circuits around the UK to choose from
    • Cowboy hat, CB radio slang & double denim optional!
Super Hero Drive

Nationwide Locations

Save 50% Was £99 NOW £49

    • Drive a lookalike of the most famous superhero car
    • This car has been shipped in from the USA
    • Choose a three or six lap driving experience
    • Imagine what it'd be like in hot pursuit of baddies!
Toyota Supra Driving

7 Locations

Save 20% Was £49 NOW £39

    • Drive Brian's Toyota Supra Mk IV lookalike car
    • A choice of circuits, a choice of 3 or 6 laps
    • Live The Fast and The Furious street racing dream
    • With over 400bhp this is a proper 10 second car!
Transformers Bumblebee Experience
Based On 2 Reviews

7 Locations

Save £10 From £25

    • Drive a Chevy Camaro that's just like Bumblebee
    • 1, 3 or 6 lap options available
    • Nationwide locations to choose from
Ultimate Transformers Experience

Nationwide Locations

Special Offer Was £348 NOW £149

    • Drive three of your fave Transformers characters
    • Vehicles are all copies of movie cars and truck
    • Your chance to actually drive 'Optimus Prime'!
    • Three laps each in Bumblebee & Barricade too
AC Cobra Driving Experience

Nationwide Locations

Save £20 Was £99 NOW £79

    • Drive a replica AC Cobra and feel the V8 power!
    • Choose between a 3 or 6 lap driving experience
    • Available at a choice of venues around the UK
    • Your chance to drive this classic-style roadster
Ford Bullitt Mustang

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Special Offer Was £139 NOW £59

    • Drive a Steve McQueen-style Bullitt Mustang
    • Experience takes place at Bovingdon Airfield track
    • Enjoy 10 driving laps of this replica movie car
    • Includes sighting laps in hot hatch as a passenger
Ford GT40 Driving
Based On 3 Reviews

8 Locations

Save £50 Was £99 NOW £49

    • Drive replica of the Le Mans double winning GT40
    • It's GT for Grand Touring, 40 for 40" car height!
    • Proper racing clutch makes this a formidable car
    • Drive at your choice of race track around UK
Furious GTR Experience

8 Locations

Save £60 Was £99 NOW £39

    • Drive a Nissan R35 Nismo GT-R on a race track
    • Choose from several different race tracks in the UK
    • Twin turbo 3.8l V6, 600bhp motoring at its best!
    • Choose a three or six lap R35 driving experience
Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang Experience
Based On 11 Reviews

8 Locations

From £39.00

    • Drive an Eleanor-style Shelby Mustang classic
    • Just like the car featured in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'
    • A choice of distances and venues
    • Live out the epic Nicolas Cage movie in this car!
Optimus Prime Truck Driving

6 Locations

Save £110 Was £199 NOW £89

    • Drive an Optimus Prime-style American truck
    • A 600bhp, 18-gear Kenworth W900 series truck
    • Take your drive at your choice of circuit
    • Step up to the cab and drive this massive monster!
R34 Skyline Drive
Based On 1 Reviews

8 Locations

From £39.00

    • Drive a replica of the 2Fast2Furious Skyline GTR
    • 3 or 6 lap driving options available
    • Nationwide locations to choose from
Transformers Barricade Mustang GT Drive

7 Locations

From £39.00

    • Drive Barricade from Transformers
    • Car is a 2016 Ford Mustang GT
    • Takes place at locations around the country
    • Optional Bumblebee drive add-on available

Modern American muscle cars are a rare sight on the streets of the UK but you certainly know about it there's one behind you on the road with that almighty engine roar. They are indeed proper head-tuners, but with thirsty V8 engines they are expensive to run. Manufacturers like General Motors managed to keep producing their muscle cars since their introduction in the 1960s right through to today, with the sixth generation Ford Mustang having been launched in 2014.

Proof then that drivers in the USA are still very fond of their muscle cars. And with the cars featuring in uber cool films like 2 Fast 2 Furious and Los Bandoleros, they have been attracting fans on these shores too. And let's face it, when Vin Diesel drives a certain car you want to drive one too don't you

That's why we've put together this collection of modern-day muscle motors that'll show you just what a torque-fest these cars are. Imagine sweeping round that corner at high speed, accelerating down the straight nearly hitting the red line on the rpm counter and braking hard into the hairpin bend. We think putting these monsters out on the track are the best way to appreciate these amazing all-new supercars from the USA.

Whether you're a fan of Lightning McQueen (OK, it's an animated street car from a children's film, but he's still very cute) or you've always wondered what that madcap Bumblebee from Transformers actually drives like, have a browse of our American muscle cars and get ready to meet some superstar supercars from the USA.

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