Spitfire wedding fly past

Can you book a vintage Spitfire for a wedding?

A vintage WW2 Spitfire display at your wedding

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to book a Spitfire for a wedding, the answer is yes you can – and a personal Spitfire display certainly brings a touch of class to your nuptials! Indeed, big sister Kate and Wills were treated to a Battle of Britain flypast from the balcony of Buckingham Palace for their Royal Wedding, so it’s little wonder Pippa Middleton booked a Spitfire display for her marriage to financier James Matthews.

Spitfire wedding

Amaze your guests with a personal Spitfire display at your wedding day

A vintage Spitfire at your wedding will be the icing on the proverbial cake for your happy celebrations. Just imagine the sound of that Merlin engine. It’s so distinctive, you and your gathered wedding guests are sure to know who this unexpected wedding guest is as soon as they hear it. Then when the magnificent World War Two fighter comes into view, well, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

For seven spellbinding minutes newlyweds and loved ones will be treated to a truly breathtaking display. Flying a fully aerobatic low-level display (and when we say low level it really is, at under 500ft!) the Spitfire perform loops, barrel rolls, wing overs and even a victory roll right in front of your eyes – just for you.

And you don’t need Royal approval to amaze your wedding guests with such an incredible gesture, you can book a personal Spitfire flypast directly and easily with Intotheblue. Fly pasts and personal displays for weddings and other events by the Spirit of Kent Spitfire, or a WW2 Hurricane are exclusively available book through us.

Hurricane wedding

The wonderful WW2 Hurricane is also available for wedding flypasts and displays

Of course, you’ll probably have lots of questions about how to book a Spitfire for your wedding, so here’s our guide for you.

Where can I have a Spitfire display?

This is the main question that we get asked. The flights are all subject to air traffic restrictions (that’s to say no fly zones, restricted air space near large airports etc) and they cannot be performed in built up areas. The easiest thing to do is to contact us with the post code of the venue you’d like to book a Spitfire fly past at and we can check for you.

To give you an idea, Pippa and James’s wedding is at her family’s country house in Buckinghamshire, we’ve had Spitfire’s booked for weddings at Squerrye’s Court in Westerham, Leeds Castle near Maidstone and the Hop Farm at Paddock Wood.

In essence, wedding venues such as a country house or hotel, a golf club, a pub on the edge of a village and so on, are most likely to be acceptable venues for a personal display.

Spitfire Spirit of Kent

The stunning Spirit of Kent Spitfire is the best unexpected wedding guest you could ever wish for

How do you book a Spitfire fly past?

You can book directly through our website for displays within a 20mile radius of Biggin Hill Airport as the crow flies, making organising a Spitfire fly past for your forthcoming wedding or any other celebration really easy. In matter of clicks you’ve got it booked!

So do you have to be in the Biggin Hill area to be able to book a Spitfire display?

No! The Spitfire and Hurricane will fly anywhere suitable for your personal display, with a bespoke package and costings being calculated for you. Of course, the further away you are, the more of a sizeable budget you’ll need.

How much does a Spitfire fly past cost?

For displays local to the aeroplane’s base at Biggin Hill (i.e. within 20 miles), the cost is £1799 for the Spitfire or the Hurricane to come to your wedding.

Spirit wedding flight Kent

The Spirit of Kent Spitfire flying over the Kent – straight to your wedding!

Is there a limit to the number of spectators?
No! Whether it’s an exclusive display for just the romantic couple, or you’ve invited hundreds of friends, family and colleagues to join you on your special day, the Spitfire will display for any number of guests.

How far in advance should I book a Spitfire display for my wedding?
All displays need CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approval in advance of the event and this process alone can take up to two months. It’s also worth bearing in mind that these historic aircraft get very booked up for air shows, fly pasts and display around the country, so the earlier you book the better. As soon as you know the venue and the date, you are very welcome to contact us for a quote or more information.

Take a look at our Personal Spitfire Display page for more information or to book your flypast.

spitfire private display

Watch in awe as the Spitfire flies aerobatics just for you!

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