Making the impossible (nearly) possible with the Impossible Experiences competition

The 2017 edition of the world famous Impossible Experiences competition is now ON and cooking up a storm on Twitter and Facebook, with crazy, creative and sometimes downright loopy-drawers ideas coming from you to us via the old social medias using #Impossibleexperiences.

If you have a cracking idea for an experience you’d love to do if money, time or in fact any form of realism were no factor, you’ll have to be quick. The competition closes at midnight on the 28th February 2017, with the lucky winners of £200 IntotheBlue activity tokens being announced at the end of the week.

A look at your Impossible Experiences of 2017

As a kind of Impossible Experiences yardstick, here’s our little round up of some of the #Impossibleexperiences out there so far.

An Impossible Experience in VIP style

It seems you lot love an experience with an exclusive edge. Lula A wants a pass to ride the London Underground when the whole network has been closed to everyone – except IntotheBlue customers. Elyria, meanwhile, would like to have the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney world all to herself, friends and family, for a magical VIP day out.

A Disney day just for friends and family

A Disney day just for friends and family

Some of the most out there Impossible Experience ideas are coming in!

As ever, anything space travel and moon-based it always popular. Laura reckons going trampolining on the moon would be pretty cool because you’d ‘get a bit of extra bouncer with less gravity and a great view’. Barking mad! Similarly, Lattie started off fairly sensible saying: ‘Go on a moonwalk with Buzz Aldrin on the actual moon’ but then added ‘wearing my bouncy moon boots of course’. Girl, we like your style.

Lettie's funky, bouncing moon boots for walking with Buzz Aldrin

Lettie’s funky, bouncing moon boots for walking with Buzz Aldrin

Even Her Royal Highness gets a look in

Good old HRH the Queen is high on many people’s lists too. Alexi would love to pop on the PJs and go for a sleepover at Buckingham Palace, whilst Caroline McCabe goes one further saying she’d actually like to be the Queen for the day, citing Corgi walking, robe and crown wearing as her main objectives for the day.

Go Corgi walking around the grounds of Buck House with the crown jewels on your head

Go Corgi walking around the grounds of Buck House with the crown jewels on your head

Superstar singers and movers and shakers make for a great Impossible Experience

Seems many of you love a bit of music and culture too. Amy would love to dance Swan Lake with Wayne Sleep and Darcey Bussell, whilst Karen Stirling reckons lunch in LA with Robbie Williams before all going back to his for karaoke would be the craic.

Time travel, but with a very sweet twist

But we have to take out hats off to Laura and her daughter Immi who came up with a whole new world out there, thanks to the Sweet Adventure Transporter. And no, it’s not just made up, it’s an actual thing, as you can see from the photo as Immi sports the rather fetching high-tech, prototype gadget on her head.

It even comes with instructions: ‘Simply pop on the ‘sweet adventure transporter’ helmet, press the start button then loudly and clearly state your sweet adventure. You will then be transported at speed to your chosen destination, sweet right?!’ Super sweet sorties include Strawberry lace bungee jumping, chocolate milkshake swimming and bubble gum hot air balloon rides, all to leave a delicious taste in your mouth. Can’t say fairer than that!

Immi's Sweet Adventure Transporter - every home should have one!

Immi’s Sweet Adventure Transporter – every home should have one!

And there’s always one…

So whether your idea is literally out of this world, brings a bit history to life or is just a little bit madcap, we’re loving reading all about your Impossible Experiences. Mind you, there’s always one that leaves us completely baffled and this year it’s Hannah whose suggestion was ‘A full body tickle’ because she ‘loves being tickled’ and especially on her feet, claiming the whole experience to be better than a massage. Each to their own, Hannah, each to their own!

To enter the 2017 Impossible Experiences competition, simply tell us your crazy idea using #impossibleexperiences on Twitter or via our Facebook page.

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