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The best new hobbies to try before you commit!

Want to know the best new hobbies to try before you commit? If you fancy giving something new a go, but don’t want to have to buy expensive gear or pay up front for a whole term of lessons before you know you like it, we have the answer…

Buy yourself an introductory experience in the hobby you’re interested in – no commitment, no hefty fees and no need to feel obliged to carry on if you don’t want to!

We sell activity vouchers. These are generally one-off days out, experiences and activities that give you an introductory insight. But some of our activities can easily develop into a hobby, with or without further training.

Here are our top six experiences to become the best new hobby for you, all of which you can try before you commit!

trial flight lesson

A trial flying lesson – the first step on the way to a new hobby as a pilot

- Trial flying lesson
It’s a number one best seller. An introductory lesson in a light aircraft gives you the chance to have a go at the controls of an aeroplane, with your session being run just as it would be for a pilot trainee. That way you get a feel for what’s involved in training for your Private Pilot’s Licence, but with none of the commitment. We have lessons in light aircraft, microlights and gliders that you can continue with at your flight training school. What’s more, the time spent on you trial lesson counts in your pilot logbook.

Photography workshop

Fancy taking up photography as a new hobby? Do a one day workshop before you buy all the expensive gear

- Photography
With just a simple digital camera you can sign up to one of these photography workshops to learn about things like composition, lighting and macro. It’s a great way to see if you really do have a eye for being behind the lens before you rush out and buy expensive DSLR (Digital Single Les Reflex) semi-pro camera gear. You can even try a specialist course in something like wildlife or landscape photography.


Take the leap and learn to wakeboard – a fab waterborne hobby

- Wakeboarding
No-one wants to be that ‘all the gear, no idea’ person who rocks up at the lake having spent hundreds on a board, bindings and wetsuit only to fall (literally) flat on their face in the water. By buying a wakeboarding voucher from you can have a go at wakeboarding with all the equipment you need and a professional tuition from an instructor included. If you love it, then you can maybe sign up to the club and start going weekly.

Brew school beer making classes

Before you start your new beer brewing hobby, learn the essentials at Brew School to make your first brew a success

- Brew School
You bought a round of drinks and barely got change from a £20 note. Once again, you tell yourself it’s time you started brewing beer at home and invited the lads back to yours for a cheeky half. You’ll save a fortune! Two months later and you can still smell hops after that little explosion in the airing cupboard. Should’ve signed up for brew school! Learn how, with a bit of knowledge, it’s easy to brew your own beer at home. Say goodbye to ferment-y, cloudy ale and say hello to a nice clear beer with a golden hue.

Rock climbing gear

Try a fantastic new hobby – rock climbing!

- Climbing and abseiling
All you need to go rock climbing is a partner, a harness, a safety device, some rope, climbing shoes and a handy rock somewhere. Trouble is, you need to know how to ‘belay’ or secure your climbing partner as they scale the rock and you need to know how to tie knots and how not to get into trouble whilst you climb. Even after just one of our beginner climbing days, you’ll pick up many of the essentials you need and with a bit more practice you’ll be ready to go sport climbing with a club or with your climbing partner.

DJ skills

Spin the platters that matter and go from hobby DJ to superstar DJ!

- DJ experience
How many of you have ever been in a club and thought: ‘I’d love to be the one behind the decks getting the crowd going’? Rather than popping down to your local DJ equipment shop and investing heavily in some decks, mixing desk and speakers (the smoke machine and glitter ball are optional), try spinning tunes in a studio that hosts DJ sessions beforehand. That way you’ll find out of you’re in time with the beat and got the rhythm without spending a fortune.

So there you have it, just six of our experiences that are available to you to give you an insight into a new hobby without having to invest huge amounts of time or money. Of course, if you try it and you love it, that’s your new hobby all sorted for you. We look forward to seeing your flying your first Airbus, securing that Vegas DJ residency, conquering Mont Blanc, getting the front cover of National Geographic with one of your photos, or naming your new microbrewery after us! Cheers!

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