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Sporting Experiences & Gifts - Learn New Sports!

Get active and feel sporty with our sports activities! No need to be super fit to enjoy sporting activities, as our experiences aimed at beginners and novices prove. These sporting activities vouchers give you the chance to go out and about, start moving and do something physical. It’s time to get involved in these recreational sessions and participate in something new and exciting - whilst giving you a bit of a work out too! Sports activities FAQs...

Bespoke Cricket Bat Experience

Taunton, Somerset

From £599.00

    • See your own bat crafted by master bat makers
    • Help choose the willow, profile and bat finish
    • Learn from the specialist team at Millichamp & Hall
    • Take home your own hand crafted Grade 1 Bat
Fencing Course London
Based On 2 Reviews

near Kings Cross London

Special Offer From £29

    • Try your hand at this exciting Olympic sport
    • Introductory sessions & four week course available
    • Learn fencing rules, footwork and blade skills
    • Use metal fencing swords under expert guidance
Fencing Lesson Sunderland

Roker, Sunderland

From £31.00

    • Try fencing at this centre in Sunderland
    • Learn the basics of this Olympic sport
    • Led by qualified fencing instructors
    • All the gear you need is included
Historical Martial Arts Training

Central Birmingham

From £49.00

    • Discover historical European martial arts
    • Classes run at a centre of excellence in Birmingham
    • Try 14th century Italian sword fighting or Bartitsu
    • Bartitsu was made famous by Conan Doyle's Sherlock
Jump In Trampoline Arenas

8 Locations

Special Offer From £19

    • Bounce sessions at indoor trampoline arenas
    • Basketball hoops, foam pits, battle beams and more
    • Free grip socks and water for all participants
    • Trampolining fun for all the family
Learn to Play Polo Lincolnshire

Leadenham, Lincolnshire

From £60.00

    • Learn to play polo at Leadenham in Lincolnshire
    • Two-hour tasters or full day courses available
    • No need to be able to ride a horse
    • Play your first polo chukka on the full day session!
Learn to Play Snooker


From £99.00

    • Improve your potting on this snooker skills day
    • Tuition from a World Snooker Grade A coach
    • Learn the history and equipment used in the game
    • Lunch and certificate presentation included
Parkour Training
Based On 1 Reviews

Paignton, Brixham, Torquay, Totnes, Newton Abbot and Teignmouth

From £45.00

    • Get to grips with Parkour on this 1:1 session
    • Learn vaulting, rolling, climbing and leaping
    • Demonstrations and tips from your instructors
    • Great exercise suitable for all ages & abilities
Trampoline Lessons

Stourbridge, West Midlands

From £30.00

    • A 60 minute 1:1 trampoline lesson
    • Learn to bounce and perform basic moves
    • Professional Trampoline instructors
    • Suitable for all ages and abilities
Trampolines & Free Jumping Session

Stourbridge, West Midlands

From £10.00

    • A one-hour free-jumping session
    • Bounce like crazy at this trampoline centre
    • Foam pit, battle beams, free jump and dodgeball
    • Suitable for adults and kids
Overnight Polo Break for Two

Leadenham, Lincolnshire

From £399.00

    • A two-day polo course with overnight stay included
    • Enjoy a full day of polo training on day one
    • Play mini polo matches on day two of training
    • Stay in the Manor House with hot tub & tennis court
Sailing Brighton

Brighton Marina

From £235.00

    • Two days of RYA sailing tuition in Sussex
    • Sail at Brighton marina
    • School uses Keelboats
    • RYA level 1 qualified by the end of the course
Weekend Tennis Coaching Break

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, Buckinghamshire

From £295.00

    • A weekend tennis break for adults in Marlow
    • Hosted by Living Tennis - run by the Delgado brothers
    • Held at prestigious Bisham Abbey NSC
    • Tailor-made training from world-class coaches

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

We all know we should get out more and do more exercise. By buying someone you love a voucher to have a go at a new sport, you will be giving them that little push, that tiny bit of encouragement they need to get out of the house and just do it.

Who it's not for

We actually reckon we've got something for everyone in this section, so even the most reluctant of sports men or women can take part. And if you really don’t want to participate in a sport, you can still enjoy a sports-themed experience, like having your own cricket bat made!

Sports activities FAQs

I haven’t tried a new sporting activity since school - are these for me?

Yes absolutely! Many of us are in the same boat, having not really had a go at any new sport since leaving school years behind. We’ve got a good selection for you to choose from here and they’re all aimed at beginners.

Do I need any previous experience?

Nope. All experiences are open to beginners. Giving you the chance to try something new without having to join a club, pay membership or buy expensive gear is the whole idea of these sports vouchers.

Will I need to be really physically fit for these sports experiences?

It depends what activity you choose. Make sure you have a read of each product page as all the requirements are listed on there. If you’re in a trampoline park there’s no denying you’ll need to be fairly physically fit to take part. Others are a lot less physically demanding though.

What should I wear?

This depends on the sport. For some activities what you need to wear is specialist and therefore provided for you. Otherwise it’s your classic sports/fitness gear look of joggers and trainers mostly.

Will I be with a sports instructor?

Yes. All our experiences are hosted by experts in their field. If you’re being taught a sporting activity, you’ll be coached by an instructor who’s qualified and skilled at teaching their sport.

Is all the sports kit/gear provided?

Yes. For sports such as fencing the all important protective gear and the foil are provided for you. For things like tennis or snooker lessons you are very welcome to bring your own gear if you have it, as some of you actually prefer that.

Can I bring along a friend with me?

Why not book a voucher for them as well and make a bit of a day of it together? It’s always great fun when you do a sporting experience with others. You can egg each other on and all that! And if they really don’t want to take part, check on each page whether the activity is suitable for spectators - if so, they can come along to watch.

I’m not a very confident person - I’m a bit worried about doing sport!

All the instructors are very patient and very good at knowing just how to motivate you. It’s normal to feel a little bit apprehensive at first when trying a new sport and yes, it might take a few tries before you get the hang of it, but your coach will be by your side to assist and encourage you.

Is it going to get competitive?

Only if you want it to! Getting competitive is not really the aim of the game with these taster sessions. It’s more about showcasing the sport and giving you an overview of what’s it’s all about.

What if I want to take up the sport I tried as a hobby?

Many of these experiences are hosted by coaches who run or work at clubs for the sport they teach. If you really take to it like a duck to water or want to carry on and learn more, ask about joining the sporting club nearest you - they’ll be only too pleased to help or point you in the right direction for carrying on with the sport.

Do these sports activities take place indoors or outdoors?

We have both indoor and outdoor sporting activities for you, so bad weather won’t necessarily stop play. Have a good read of each individual activity page for the full details on what the experience involves and where it takes place.

What’s the best sporting activity for someone who’s older?

Without sounding too cheesy, the saying ‘you’re only as old as you feel’ applies here. If you’re well beyond the teenage years you might think things like trampolining or parkouring aren’t for you. But if you’re up for it and physically fit enough, why not give it a go?

What age do you have to be to take part in a sporting activity in this range?

The upper age limit is pretty fluid and it’s all about how active you want to be. As for the lower age limit, minimum ages are all specified on the product pages, but in general there are activities for under 16s, but they will need to be accompanied on site by an adult.

Will I be asked for a medical certificate?

For these sort of sports the answer, in general, is no. If you were going to be to doing extreme sport like skydiving, there is a need for a medical questionnaire and more in-depth fitness checks.

Have you got sports activities for kids?

Our website is full of hundreds of activities that are suitable for kids and adults alike, including some of ones featured in this sports selection. We also have a couple of sections dedicated to experiences specifically for youngsters, such as Kids Driving and Kids Outdoor activities, where it’s a kids only zone!

Are there any sporting activities that don’t require me to run around?

Whilst there’s no doubting you’ll have to run and jump on things like trampolining at parkouring, there are less demanding sports like polo or martial arts and some in-betweeners like tennis and golf. Have a browse, there’s sure to be something to tempt you.

What happens if the person doesn’t want to try the sport I chose?

No problem, you can exchange the voucher. If you get it wrong and they don’t like what you bought for them, you can swap it or part exchange it for something else. You can do this right up to the date of the limit of validity of the voucher.

Do these experiences run all year round?

In most cases, yes. Once again, all the full details on whether the activities run all year round, on weekends or weekdays and what sort of start times are all on the page of each individual sporting activity. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to call us during office hours, email us or why not try the live chat to talk to us?

Are there any sporting activities near me?

There’s bound to be something sporty near you that’s going to tempt you to switch off the telly and do something less boring instead. Be it potting a 147 at snooker, playing your first chukka at polo, doing a front flip on a trampoline, or jumping that park bench, we’ve got a sporting activity to get your heart pumping just that little bit faster! Current locations include:
  • London
  • Devon
  • Sunderland
  • Birmingham
  • Lincolnshire
  • West Midlands
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Berkshire
  • Warwickshire
  • Kent
  • Aberdeen
  • Edinburgh

Want to get out and play? Then you’re ready to book your sporting activities through Into The Blue right now!

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