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Titanic Belfast Bungee Jump

Belfast, Ireland
    • A 160ft crane bungee jump
    • Takes place at the building site of the Titanic
    • Amazing views on your way up to the bungee platform
    • Discount entry to the Titanic Belfast museum
Titanic Belfast Bungee Jump £60.00
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What can I expect on the day

Take a Titanic-sized leap on a 160ft bungee jump in Belfast! Regenerated, rejuvenated and ready to bungee, this historic quarter is the location for Northern Ireland's best bungee jumping that combines sensational views and heady sensations.

This area just north east of Belfast city centre is now one of the main tourist and leisure areas in Northern Ireland and this bungee experience will see you jumping from right next to the wonderful Titanic Museum, with its distinctive ship-like form and shiny mirrored exterior. And from your elevated position on the crane you'll be able to see right over the top of the roof.

Of course, before you can take part there is the safety briefing and getting kitted out with harness and correct ropes. When it's your turn you will load into the cage that will lift you up to the dizzying height of 160ft above the grey concrete of this former dockyard area. If you're brave enough to take in the vistas you'll see the two huge yellow cranes affectionately known as Samson and Goliath that serviced Harland and Wolff shipyard, the Odyssey Arena and out to the Irish Sea beyond Belfast. But bungee jumping isn't just about seeing the sights it's about throwing yourself off the crane…

And this is just what you will be doing. As soon as you reach the top all the gear will be checked and triple checked and your jump master will be making the final preparations whilst talking to you (mostly to keep you calm!). Then here's the moment you've been waiting for. The gate of the crane's cage is opened and with many of Belfast's tourists looking on, all you can hear is the call of 'One…two..three…bungee!' and you jump. Before you know it, you're plummeting towards the blue crash pads below you.

As the swinging stops, you'll realise you are being gently lowered towards the ground and technicians from this experienced Northern Irish bungee team will be coming in to detach the ropes and put you back upright on terra firm. No doubt it'll take you a couple of moments for what you've just done to sink in (excuse the pun!) but then you'll be as pleased as punch that you plucked up the courage to do a bungee jump over Belfast's historic Titanic slipways.

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What's included in this experience?

• A 160ft crane bungee jump at the building site of the Titanic
• Amazing views on your way up to and from the bungee platform
• Discount entry to the Titanic Belfast museum (limited number of discount entrants)
• You should allow around 2 hours onsite to complete the bungee jump

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When is it available?

• There will be 3 event dates per year
• Weather conditions such as high winds or thunder storms could mean the events are cancelled last minute for safety reasons

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Where can I do this experience?

• Belfast, Ireland

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Who is it suitable for?

• There is a maximum weight limit of 18.9 stone for every jumper
• The waist harness will fit sizes between 40cm and 125cm (15.7" - 49.2")
• Minimum age to jump is 14 years
• Anyone under 16 years old will need to be accompanied by an adult and have permission from a parent/guardian
• If you are not in good health then you should not jump, always consult your doctor first if you are unsure
• Over 50's will need a doctor's note to confirm that there is nothing in your medical history that could cause problems by doing a jump - this will need to be brought with you on the day otherwise you will not be allowed to jump

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Can anyone come along to watch?

• Friends and family are welcome to come along and watch you make your jump

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Anything else I need to know?

• Dress according to the weather
• Skirts are not recommended
• Trainers or securely fastened shoes are best - please do not wear boots as these will interfere with the ankle harnesses and will need to be removed prior to jumping
• Glasses and hard contact lenses cannot be worn to jump, soft contact lenses are allowed
• Photos, videos and merchandise of your jump are usually available for you to purchase (additional cost)

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