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Western Riding in New Forest

Barbecue Trail in Hampshire
Based On 3 Reviews

New Forest

From £90.00

    • Learn the basics of Western Riding
    • A two hour Western Trail
    • A 'Chicken 'n' Steak' barbecue
    • complimentary soft drinks, tea and coffee
Two Hour New Forest Horse Riding
Based On 4 Reviews

New Milton, Hampshire

From £72.00

    • A two hour horse riding session in Hampshire
    • Time in the training arena followed by a forest hack
    • Complimentary drinks on your return to the stable
    • Safety hats are provided for your riding lesson
Western Adventure in Hampshire
Based On 7 Reviews

New Forest

Special Offer From £149

    • Tuition from an experienced instructor
    • A morning riding lesson and an afternoon trail
    • Breakfast and a BBQ lunch are included
    • All equipment is provided

Ride 'em cowboy - in a Western Style!

Jump in the saddle - it's time to go Western Riding! Swap the dust and dangers of the wild west for tranquil heathland and trails, when you canter off for a session of western style riding in the New Forest. Imagine you and your trusty stead galloping off through the trees of this gorgeous leafy landscape, with rolling fields that go on for miles and miles.

The horses taking part in these wonderful experiences love to ride out and are all well-groomed and trained at the local stables on the edge of this superb National Park, famed for its wild ponies.

Western riding - the roots are in the wild west

You might think western riding is only for herding cattle on vast ranches in America and that is indeed the basis of this style, but it has become a popular way for novice riders to get on horseback in this country too, as to the more rigid English style of horse riding.

The main differences between the two are in the bridle and the saddle. In western riding the saddle has a 'pommel' at the front and the seat is deeper. Traditionally more comfy when spending hours lassoing and chasing, we think you'll appreciate that and the longer Western-style stirrups for a more relaxed leg position, even if it is for a gentle ride in the New Forest and not herding in the wild, wild west!

Have a little look at this short video of western riders on the start of a gentle trek in the New Forest to see how the riding set up differs from traditional English riding.

No need to to worry if you've never actually been western riding in the New Forest before, all the kit you need for your pony is included (in particular that special Western style riding saddle) and each horse is tacked up by the stable hands ready for you. You just need to turn up in appropriate clothing. You aren't expected to have the jodhpurs and long boots, comfortable outdoor gear will suffice, but if you do happen to have a pair of cowboy boots, you will certainly look the part.

Views, riding and a very social event all combined

The itinerary is all pre-planned to give you a full flavour of the landscape all around you and each group is guided by an expert horse rider. All of our western riding experiences offer you the chance to enjoy the spectacular views of the New Forest and practice your new found riding skills at the same time. On your return to the ranch you might even be treated to a tasty BBQ so you can chat with your new two footed friends about your relaxing day out astride your new found four footed pony pal.

And remember western riding is suitable for all levels of horse rider and the treks are tailored to your group, be it at a canter, or a more relaxing trot. So give a yell of 'yeehaa' and 'giddy up' and get riding western style in the lovely New Forest.

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