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Traditional Shaving Class London

Central London


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Traditional Shaving Class £60.00

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• Learn how to give yourself the perfect shave
• You will be taught by a top traditional barber
• You may choose to shave with a standard or cut throat razor
• Lessons last approximately one hour
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What can I expect on the day

If you’ve ever watched the ultimate ladies’ man, 007 played by Sean Connery, shearing off that unwanted stubble and yearned to know how to wet shave in style, then search no more. This London-based professional class will show you how to shave with a cut throat razor or standard razor (depending on your preference), giving you the chance to stay smooth and wow the women all in one fell swoop.

Over the course of a lifetime men will, on average, shave approximately 20,000 times. That’s a lot of hours spent with a mirror and blade – so why not transform it from a chore into a treat and learn to handle your cut throat razor with delicacy and aplomb, avoiding both those nasty little nicks and the burn of aftershave? Once you know how to wet shave correctly, you’ll wish you’d learned the tricks of the barber trade years ago.

In this refined razor-sharp lesson, a shaving expert from an exclusive London barber shop will talk you through and demonstrate the traditional methods for how to get shaving with a cut throat razor, that most renowned - and often feared - of shaving implements. If the cut throat doesn’t appeal, you can also opt to learn how to wet shave using a standard razor, for a more reassuring, if less classic, result.

Your stubble-free session also involves discussion of the importance of washing, lathering and post-shave moisturising. You’ll learn to take care of your skin and pick up handy tips for a more effective trim. The location is highly appropriate too, as you can choose from locations in either Mayfair or Savile Row, those most exclusive and suave of gentlemen’s locations to be found in the city.

Even if your moustachioed maestro doesn’t fancy learning how to shave with a cut throat razor, the standard course captures all the wit and wisdom of barbers through the ages and makes the perfect preening present for any man-about-town, or anyone seeking to learn more about one of our most time-honoured skills. Knowing how to wet shave is something that every man could benefit from and adds a certain air of sophistication to your morning razor routine – as well as pleasing the ladies! What more could a modern man wish for?

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When is it available?

• Shaving classes are available on both weekdays and weekend by appointment only
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Where can I do this experience?

• Mayfair, London W1J
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Who is it suitable for?

• There is a minimum age of 18 years old
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