Gift Ideas for 50th Birthdays

Need to find the best 50th birthday gift ever? Then here's where you should be looking for that fabulous gift to honour their 50th, after all reaching half a century should be celebrated with a fabulous birthday gift. Go on, push them a little and get them a 50th birthday gift that thrill them and, get the adrenalin going more than any other gift you've ever bought for them. A great selection of gift ideas is available on our main gifts page!

London Tours

London Tours

From £6.50

Segway Experience


From £15.00

Unusual Driving

Unusual Driving

From £20.00

City Breaks & Tours

City Breaks & Tours

From £39.00

Tree houses, Teepees and Glamping

Unusual Breaks

From £49.00

Private Flying Lessons

Flying Lesson

From £49.00


Harness Zorbing

Was £59.00 NOW £55.00

Experience Driving a Tank

Tank Driving

From £65.00

Photography Courses

Photography Courses

Was £99.00 NOW £69.00

sticker Sit in a Spitfire

Sit in a Spitfire

From £69.00

Balloon Flights and Rides

Balloon Flights

From £99.00

Wing Walking Experiences

Wing Walking

From £495.00

50th birthday presents ideas

What can we say about your 50th birthday? This special day means you've been on this earth a full half a century...that's five decades. This is no mean feat and we think you should be acknowledged!
Here at Into the Blue we've taken a look at our huge collection of activities, sifted through them and pulled out the ones we know sell well for those looking for a 50th present for someone they love. And no, it's not all about adrenaline-mad experiences, we've also got some rather nice, civilised and relaxing activities for you to enjoy too.
For some new members to the 50 club, relaxing and taking it easy might be the last thing on your mind as you reach your 50th. In that case, we can help too by providing you with a gift that'll see you pale with trepidation and then grinning with sheer delight after you've calmed your nerves and enjoyed the activity (tip for relatives: make sure you have a camera to capture those classic 50th birthday grimaces and grins!).
Of course, working out what gift to buy for someone who is turning 50 is really hard. What do you get for someone who has pretty much everything? The usual presents from the High Street probably won't cut it so it's little surprise we find people tend to club together as a group of work colleagues or family to get a present that is a total change from the norm just for their 50th.
So, challenge them, get them doing something they would never normally do and you're well on the way to organising the best 50th birthday bash ever all with a little help from Into The Blue.

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