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Tandem Skydive at Hinton



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Your skydive from Hinton airfield
Tandem jumps are taken after a short briefing
You will be strapped to the instructor for the jump
Allow up to three hours on site
AFF courses last the full day
You will jump from around 13000ft and you will control and land your own parachute
Provisional membership to the British Parachute is included with both jumps along with a personalised certificate
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What can I expect on the day

Location Northamptonshire - Hinton Skydiving offers you the chance to jump out of an aeroplane on either a tandem or a Accelerated Freefall experience! We've often wondered just what drives people to want to do a skydive, but it seems we cannot get enough of high-adrenaline antics these days and skydiving from this Hinton base near Brackley has to be one of the ultimate!

So this school based on the airfield at Hinton offers both tandem skydiving and the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Level One course. And the difference between the two?

Put simply, AFF courses take longer and cost more as there's a full day of one to one tuition to prepare you for your solo parachute jump. A freefall tandem means you enjoy the ride, whilst the instructor you're attached to (literally) handles everything after you jump from the plane.

On the tandem option at Hinton you will be offered morning or afternoon slots and with a fairly straight-forward ground briefing followed by getting kitted out in your skydive suit. There's no time consuming course and before you know it (or have time to back out of your skydive!) you'll be in the plane getting ready for the signal to exit.

As you jump from around 13000ft you will be in complete freefall travelling over 1000ft in a mere five seconds. That's as long as it took you to read that last paragraph. Phew! No wonder these tandem skydives are the most popular activity at Hinton.

If you fancy getting really stuck into this skydiving malarky, or maybe even taking it up as a sport, the accelerated experience offered by Hinton may be the one for you. The team here tell us it's best to allow two days to complete the experience, as on day one you'll be in the classroom and having practical workshop sessions learning about freefall and canopy control, exiting the aircraft, landing techniques and so on. Jumps from 13000ft (with fully qualified instructors accompanying you) are generally done the day after, depending on weather.

Whichever of these Hinton skydiving experiences you choose, by the end of the day you'll know what it's like to fall through the air at around 120mph...faster than most cars are capable of going. And being one of the friendliest and most sociable clubs, we think a skydive out of Hinton is an excellent choice for anyone in the Northampton/Essex area.
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When is it available?

• Jumps operate Tuesday to Sunday, all year round subject to weather conditions
• Sessions usually begin at 8.30am or 12.30pm
Sometimes AFF jumps will need to take place the day after training
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Where can I do this experience?

• The parachute school is located near Brackley in Northamptonshire with easy access via junction 10/11 of the M40
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Who is it suitable for?

• Maximum weight is 15 stone
• Minimum age is 16
• Over 40's will need doctors approval, maximum age for AFF is 55
There is no maximum age limit for tandem jumps
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Can anyone come along to watch?

• This Northants club welcomes spectators but no pets are allowed
There is a clubhouse and snack bar providing hot/cold drinks and food
• There are also toilets, showers and camping facilities on site
There is always a cameraman onsite to record their ultimate day out and videos can be ordered directly with the supplier on the day, with prices starting from £95

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