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Harness or Hydro Ride for Two £59.00


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• Welcome and pre-ride briefing explaining how to ride the sphere
• Rides take place on a specially tracked out course
• A single ride for two people, choose from Harness or Hydro Sphereing
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What can I expect on the day

Hydro or harness - how do you like your Zorbing in Warwick? That is the question you'll need to ask you and your rolling partner as the two of you will be going for a spin in a big, fat inflatable ball down this grassy Warwickshire run.

Our hair-raising package gives the two of you one roll together. This Warwick venue offers both water zorbing, where around 40 litres of water are quite literally thrown into the mix and you go sliding inside the ball and downhill at the same time, or there's the harness version where you are strapped in facing each other (so you can laugh at each other's expressions, but also for balance) and you roll, roll, roll head over heels down the hill.

We reckon this zorb venue just outside Warwick boasts one of the longest tracks we have on the books here at IntotheBlue. Clocking in at 300m, this is one seriously long zorbing run, so you'll pick up plenty of speed whilst spinning, bouncing and tumbling along, no doubt accompanied by screams of delight and perhaps a little bit of that trepidation we secretly love too.

Safety is definitely the priority here though, so this revolving experience won't have you spinning out of control. At the start of the course there's a specially fenced off plateau area that makes it the perfect stable spot for loading into this inflatable globe. Then the gate to the track is opened and the zorb, with you two in it, is released into the wilds of the Warwickshire countryside…well, actually the start of the course has been specially shaped and covered in astroturf so your trajectory is controlled, but without taking anything away from the fun aspect of zorb riding - in fact it channels you more so you can accelerate.

During your run you could reach speeds of up to 25mph and as the screams get louder, it's a case of the faster you go, as you hurtle along all 300m of this zorb track. This Warwick-based team is well experienced and follows all safety procedures, so before you roll you'll be talked through what to expect and what position to adopt (it's not the same for hydro and harness versions) inside the ball.

Whether you choose harness or the wet and wild hydro version, your chance to go zorbing on Warwick's longest track is a rotating experience thrill that shouldn't be missed. We could say it's a bit like being a pair of small rodents inside a ball, but it's actually much more entertaining than that - as the laughter that comes from the zorb as you roll will testify!

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When is it available?

• Most weekends at regular time slots 11am-12.30pm and 1pm-2.30pm
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Where can I do this experience?

• Warwick, Warwickshire
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Who is it suitable for?

Harness Ride
• Minumim age 12, under 16s require parental consent
• Minimum height 4.5ft 
• Riders must not exceed 100kgs per person

Hydro Ride
• Minimum age 7, under 16s require parental consent
• Riders must not exceed 120kgs per person 

• Not suitable for those that are pregnant, suffer with high blood pressure, heart condition, epilepsy, back or neck problems
• Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
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Can anyone come along to watch?

• Spectators are welcome
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Anything else I need to know?

• For Hydro Zorbing a change of clothing and towel are essential
• Changing facilities are available
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