Experience the thrill of Sphereing and Zorbing

Hmmm...to us a zorbing experience is one of the craziest things you'd ever want to do in your life, but if you know someone that is ALWAYS up for a dare, zorbing is a good one. 

We've three types of zorbing experience to choose from; harness where you're bundled in a plastic ball (similar to a hamster in a treadmill) and then rolled down a hill, aqua zorbing where the same thing happens, only you're not attached to anything inside the orb and they throw in some water for good measure...probably cold water...then there's the  snow version, where you get rolled down an indoor snowslope. See, we told you it's all a bit crazy! 

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Guaranteed to be a dizzying experience this superb activity sees you racing...

Venue Nationwide

Was £59.00 NOW £55.00

Be brave! Try an Aqua Zorb experience and be thrown around in a massive...

Venue Nationwide

Was £59.00 NOW £55.00

Just when you thought there couldn't be any other spherical sporting...

Venue Chepstow, Gloucs

From £39.00

Go head over heels for Zorbing in Berkshire! This farm venue near Reading...

Venue Near Reading, Berkshire

From £40.00

There's a mountain over there and it's just waiting to be rolled by the two of...

Venue Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway

From £29.00

Prepare for multiple rolls when you go zorbing in Kent! This Sittingbourne...

Venue Sittingbourne, Kent

From £135.00

Get all wrapped up in your plastic ball and go zorbing in Edinburgh! This young...

Venue Edinburgh

From £50.00

Nestled in amongst acres of corn fields and farms you will find yourselves in...

Venue near Colchester Essex

From £59.00

You gotta a roll with it (once, or even twice!) when you go zorbing in London!...

Venue Whyteleafe, J6 M25

From £55.00

Hill rolling where the countryside meets the city - that's zorbing near...

Venue Macclesfield near Manchester

From £35.00

You will be taking an adrenaline-filled rolling ride when you go zorbing...

Venue Westwood, Nottingham

From £35.00


You'll all be adorin' a bit of Zorbing!

What can we say, this sphereing lark is pretty madcap stuff. In fact, we can't imagine anyone actually wanting to pay to be rolled down a hill in a ball, but plenty of you out there do, as a zorbing experience is one of our best sellers.

Maybe a zorbing experience voucher is your way of getting your own back on someone? Or perhaps zorbing is something to be done as a dare between the two of you (as you are harnessed as a pair inside the spinning sphere)? We've even had globe riding making it to the top of many a stag and hen night 'must do' list.

Our zorbing experience packages offer the full range of spin options, where you can be strapped in fully, slosh around with a load of water, or spin on the snow In each case the actual zorb is the same - a large 10ft or so diameter plastic sphere that will be rolling, with you inside it, downhill. We think it's bit like experiencing life in a bubble, albeit from every which way and angle as you go tumbling down the track.

Sphereing centres are set up year round at venues around the UK, so you are never very far away from the chance to go for a exhilarating rollin' ride! Make sure you invite plenty of friends and family to witness your thrilling orbing adventure, as it's much comedy watching Zorbing experience virgins pop their zorb cherry!

Don't forget, our zorbing experience is suitable for all ages from seven years to 65 - but you will get thrown around!

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